July 13, 2024


Zion Balogun is the son
of Nigerian talented
music star wizkid the
CEO and founder of
starboy entertainment,
Zion was born on
October 28th, 2017.

Zion is the product of wizkid and his manager jada pollock, being born with a silver spoon gave Zion the opportunity to gain a quick recognition globally with his father platform.


Name Zion
Nationality Nigerian
Spouse wizkid, jada pollock
Birth October, 28th, 2017

Immediately after his birth he attracted the heart of many with his handsome looking.

Zion might probably be in his nursing school mainly looking at him and his age.

Wizkid has built numerous of platforms and footsteps for him to follow up and he also carry him along with her mother in any occasion.

Net Worth

Zion net worth is not yet available as he has not started earning incomes.

Follow him in his instagram page big Zion.

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