April 14, 2024


Lamarllens is an American talented rapper, singer who rapidly carved his way into hip hop scene, he has this style of sound and lyrics that causes traffic in social media.


Name Lamarllen
Gender male
Marital status Single
Nationality American
Occupation Rapper, singer, songwriter
Genre Hip Hop
Net worth $2million.

His lyrics inspires many upcoming hip hop rappers as he have his unique way of recreating hip hop that is to say that he infused hip hop to his own sound and his audience see him as a formidable artist.

Early life

Lamar llen is born and brought up in Arkansas, Dallas American where he started building his career in rapp and singing eventually he succeeded being the crazy rapper he dreamed of.


From the period he arose to prominence he had released numerous of hot tracks which contributed to the growth and promotion of hip hop.

Suddenly he arrived to the stardom with his provoking and crazy lyrics and sound which is base on infusing hip hop to his daily story and lifestyle.

Lamar llen release his hit tracks for the moment he arose to the prominence this tracks include 1 Time, Dance in the mirror etc.

Lamar llen has chris Echols featured for almost four tracks of his hit song and the aid to distribute and promotion of the sounds.


Dance in the mirror
Fell outta love
1 Time
I ain’t coming interlude

Net Worth

Lamar llen has eventually carved his way into greatness through the aid of music and as well an entrepreneur his net worth is estimated $2million.

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