June 21, 2024


Chukwudozie Nwangwu is a famous Nigeria native doctor who is refers as a celebrity native doctor his aim is base on security visa approval solution to problem progress of business etc.

He is widely known as Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki, which actually mean the egg that broke the palm nut he gained this name when he perform a wonder crushing about 24 palm nuts with poultry egg.

Akwa hails from Umumpama Oba, in Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria he is the first son of his family, his father is also renowned Traditional Doctor well recognized as Mmiri Mara Ugo n’Oba.

Early Life

Chukwudozie was conceived, born and raised around 1998, he inherint discovered his gift at a very young age of about 12 yearrs thus, setting


In his school days, he was known as 911 because he will also come to school by 9 am and go by 11 am because of all the subjects, he has only interest in mathematics.
When he was 13 years old, people had discovered his potential and begin sorting for his services.
During his school days, he was able to tell his schoolmates problems they are facing both personal and also in their families which they will confirm as True and they will sort for a solution through him and their problems get solved as well-These made path and open doors for multiple gifts of different kind ranging from cash, mobile phones, motorcycles, motor vehicles and many more.

As of today, Akwa is widely known by many in Nigeria and outside Nigeria-in 5days of every week, it is estimated that he attends to about 50-100 people daily while they are always over 200 people waiting to see him daily for different reasons which include for solution to their problems, business progress and even counseling in Spiritual, traditional and other numerous related matters.

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