May 21, 2024


Averly Morillo is a Dominican prodigious singer songwriter born on September 23, 2003 she rose to prominence due to her renowned and remarkable lyrics guest that’s is the reason of her numerous of audience and fans, Averly have this melodic and emotional voice that touches the soul of a music lover.


Talented Averly started her career initially at the root as a listener of music which was her first beginning in 2020 during the Covid-19’s pandemic siting at home recording numerous of covers and as well trying to craft a unique and emotional sounds.

She was eventually discovered by a producer by name Robert green who aid her in records and also contributed for the distribution of her songs.

Averly released songs with that opportunity and among all those songs are some that actually derived to the stardom.

Early Life

She was born and probably raised in a God fearing home into the family of Mr and Mrs morillo, she accomplished his education in his home town before she finally started music officially.

Net Worth

do to her impressive and remarkable performers she is has able to convince his fans and draw more attentions to herself and this became an addition to her income as her net what is about $2million.

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