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Charles is from a royal family. He grew up with his grandmother, and hardly recollects his mother because at a young age he was sent to another geographical location for the purpose of keeping his aging grandmother company. He aspired to someday be a lawyer but had a change of mind when he attended Bode Osoyin’s writer’s resort, where he decided to acquire a certificate course in dramatic arts. In 1993, he achieved this goal and would later graduate from the University of Port Harcort in 1999.


After making the decision to venture into acting, he then joined different dramatic and theatre clubs in his local town and started performing stage drama. He later decided to acquire more knowledge in the field of acting and then enrolls for a one-year acting program in Bode Osoyin’s Writers Resort, where he obtained a certificate course in Dramatic Arts after completing the program in 1993.

After graduating from the University of Port Harcourt in 1999, he relocated to Lagos State. He became the assistant director at Lancelot Øluwa Imasuen’s production company.

In 2016, members from the Screen Wroters Guide of Nigeria (SWGN) unanimously appointed Inojie as president of their labor union.

Persona Life

Inojie is married and has two children. He is 53years old And was born in March 4th 1970


The royal Habiscus hotel (2017)
Dinner (2016)
Broken Soul (2015) as Chijioke
Shattered Soul (2015)
Open & Close (2011) as Agu
Corporate Maid (2008)
Corporate Maid II (2008)
Husband My Foot (2008)
Husband My Foot II (2009)
Desperate Search (2007)
Holy Man (2007)
Holy Man II (2007)
Holy Man III (2007)
I Need A Husband (2007)
I Need A Husband II (2007)
Onitemi (2007)
Over Heat (2006)
Over Heat II (2006)
Silent Burner (2006)
The Wolves (2006)
The Wolves II (2006)
Police Recruit
Love Wahala
Hottest Babes In Town
Wise In-laws
Desperate Poor Man
Nollywood Hustlers
Mr Ibu Dance Skelewu
Oga Madam
House Of Contention
De Prof
The Desperate Housewife
Nneka the pretty serpet (2020)
My village people (2021)
Aki and pawpaw
TV Series
The Johnson’s as Lucky Johnson

Net Worth

Charles Inojie net worth has been estimated at $400,000. He makes money as an actor and movie producer.

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