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Ekweani chukwuka professionally known as ckay is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and also a producer born in the year 1995 on July 16 in Kaduna in Northern part of Nigerian but is parents are from Anambra state in the south-eastern part of Nigerian, ckay grown up in Kaduna in a Christian home his father is a choir conductor and this is where ckay love for music stated at early age as a choir boy, he began to have interest in play of instrument like Guitar, keyboard

Ckay record label: ckay is signed in chocolaty city record label in 201


Occupation Songwriter producer singer
Full name Chukwuka ekweani
Nationality Nigerian
Date of birth 16, july, 1995
Record label Chocolate city
Net worth $5,000,000


His educational background is not reveal but he did both is secondary school and university in the north.

Early Life

Ckay father was a choir coordinator in an Anglican church it can be said that ckay too over from his father he was also influenced by his father, ckay father his medical doctor while his mother is a professional nurse, the family reside in kaduana the northern part of Nigerian but hails from Anambra state the eastern part of Nigerian ckay grew up in a Christian home ckay talent is said to be a raw talent because he started practicing music in a teenage period and this have be part of him when it come to music it be said that music is in his blood and is natural his father add to his knowledge musical by taking him a class in some instrument like guitar and piano and also impart in him a skill of beats making in fruity loop and that is how ckay journey as a producer began.


His music career started at the age of seven being the leader of children choir in his church, with all this skill he moved to Lagos, not quite long he was first notice by MI the number one African best rapper, in 2015 ckay was official signed into chocolate city record label MI abag being the C.E.O, he also produce sound for some music star like blaqbone, ice prince, coker, dice ailes, MI abag and so many others, his EP who the fuck is ckay was released under the record label he became more successful when he dropped the song titled love nwatiti that traveled globally which some of the international artist did the cover, music have become like a culture to ckay he produce the chocolate city zenith album titled TICBN VOL1 after the released of his debut song nwatiti he was international acknowledge.


Love nwantiti
Container don land
Last call
Ckay the first

Ckay started working with chocolate city in 2014 as a producer and songwriter MI featured him on the song the box alongside with pryse-lllegal music 3 as his knowledge and craft in music continuous growing from this moment his fans base has developed and he started being recognized publicly in the Nigerian music scene he revealed his talent to the wild world.

Net Worth

Ckay have put a lot of work in music and he is well recognized as one of the top and famous artist in african his net worth is in between $3000,000 and $5000,00.

Social Media

Instagram @ckay-yo

Twitter @ckay-yo

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