July 13, 2024


Clara Chizoba Kronborg
is a popular Nigerian media
figure that made her way into
the prominence with her
ability to won the Guinness
world book of records
as the longest interview
in the world.

The you star eventually found her breakthrough with her energetic and ability to talk in 55 hours 24 seconds fortunately for her, she was the first person to hit that record.

Beyond just being a publicly figure she is a tremendous entrepreneur and had done justice in her YouTube channel by taking to a level beyond her audience imagination.

Clara with the ability to relate with politicians actors music and many more, boldly speaking in aspect of interviewing her guests, she has built her brand to a level that she became globally recognized.

Early Life

Clara was born and raised in Onitsha in the southeastern part of Nigerian but much details about her early life is not yet disclosed but probably may have spent her childhood period with her siblings and family.

Growing up Clara developed this energy and ability to break barriers, she has overcome numerous issues, on that day before hitting the world records that seems amazing to her audience she already had believe and with full courage before embarking on that journey.

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