June 21, 2024


Chinye Elijah is a Nigerian most popular dancer, social media influence and entrepreneur better known with his stage name crispdal born November 19th, 1996, who has over 5 million followers in TikTok and 600 thousand followers in instagram, crispdal gained his fame through dancing and creative contents.


Full name chinye elijah
Birth 19th, November, 1996
Stage name Crispdal
Occupation Dancer, social media influencer
Gender Male
Nationality Nigerian
Marital status Single
Net worth $300.000 thousand

Early Life

Much is not shared about his family background but he is from the eastern part of Nigerian Igbo by tribe but grew up in cross river when his family reside.


Crispdal did both his primary and secondary education in the eastern part of Nigerian while his university is yet to be confirmed have a degree in bachelor in science.


He began his career in dancing in 2020 With an energy and passion watching his content of dance you can see the joy on his face while dancing this proved that he have interest in it, crispdal have million of followers in TikTok as it being recorded as one of the famous TikTok and he is well recognized all over Africa and across as his content travels without visa.

Personal Life

Crispdal is not married now but he is in a romantic relationship with a TikToker famous dancer peace pever anpee professional known as purple speedy both have dating for a period of time and creating content together.

Net Worth

Crispdal have made a lot of money through the aid of social media and hi business is net worth estimated $300.000thousand.

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