April 14, 2024


Elemiene is a remarkable British singer songwriter popular known with style of infusing of R&B and hip hop together to craft his own sound, she hails from Bournemouth United Kingdom.


Name Elemiene
Gender Female
Nationality British
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Genre R&B, hip hop
Marital status Single
Net worth $1million


Elemiene started music duel to the passion she derived from listening to music, on her childhood stage she enjoyed jazz, R&B, hip hop and Afro pop.

At the moment he pick music as a career she quickly raised to the limelight just because she had been putting in work for a long period her smooth vocal and melodic vibes brought her to the level she is today.


Mad at fire
Making my time
Endless no more

Personal Life

Privately that is how Elemiene live her lifestyle as we don’t known if she is on any relationship or have a guy she hag out with.

Net Worth

With the energy and good vibes he distributed in R&B industry finally manipulated to an income and fame her net worth estimated $1million.

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