May 21, 2024


Evan okoro is a tremendous Nigerian multi talented actress comedian film producer and writer who in her own draft a successful part for herself into the Nollywood industry with series such as American Chikito, Bigo madness, sexy investment etc.

Evan Okoro his a huge name in Nollywood industry due to her hard and nature God given talented that she eventually turn to reality.

Early Life

Born on December 4, 1990 currently celebrated her 34 years birthday in 2024, she an Igbo decent and hails from Imo state Nigerian, she came from a poor background but elevated herself into the stardom.

Evan Okoro has five siblings Raymond Okoro, Roseline Okoro, Kenneth Okoro, Martin Okoro and Elizabeth Okoro, she began engaging herself in different works from her tender age to support the family growths, she was only 13 years old when she moved her family to Onitsha with the incomes she gained from works.


Her primary and secondary school was in Onitsha where her family formerly reside, she gained the ability to write script after her elementary she enrolled into film academy and came out with a diploma she also studied mass communication in university of Lagos.

Personal Life

Guess she is married but Evan Okoro don’t expose any details based on her family in social media the reasons is unknown her husband details or children is yet to be review.


her career has an actress is what she grew up with is a passion and it was quick discovered by his parents he actually started acting professionally in 2010 and she has peaked in over 60 movies, among this movies are American Chikito, Bigo Madness, The Return Of Doctor Maria, Sexy Investment.

Evan Okoro is well known with her unique style of acting her performance is always incredible and impress guess that is the major reason she is loved by millions of audience, her rapidly raised is what amazes her colleagues just recently she enter the industry and suddenly her success kicked off.

beyond acting she is also a remarkable movie producer and writer, most of his movie was written and produced by her she launched her own brand/company in 2018 Evan Okoro productions and this organization has aid millions of people.

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