July 13, 2024


Faye Denise resnick is an American famous author, actress and interior designer born July 2, 1957 better known with her stage name fayeresnick she well recognized or found her breakthrough as a result of appearance in the movie the housewives of Beverly Hills.


Full name Faye denise resnick

Birth July 2, 1957

Stage name Fayeresnick

Gender Female

Nationality American

Occupation Auther, actress.

Net worth $5million

Personal Life

Faye married in early 80s after a while she devorce and went on with her career of modeling in London their she met a man called fadi halabi got married to him conceived and gave birth to Francesca a daughter in year 1986 the marriage failed and she proceeded to Los Angeles there she found love with resnick an entrepreneur yet both divorced in 1991.


Faye have showed up in numerous of movies including keeping up with the Kardashian’s which she appeared in season 10 episodes 6 and season 12 episodes 3, also featured in numerous of seasons and episodes in the movie titled the real housewives of Beverly hill


She collaborated in two books combined into the o.J. Simpson murder trials

Nicole brown Simpson the private diary of a life interrupted, talk more about nicole brown simpson and resnick the book was noted as the best seller and also recorded as the first O.J. Simpson books to hit the shelve by los angeles times

shattered: in the eye of the storm, explain the experiences and the time Resnick spend with O.J. simpson and her views of both opposing legal teams.

Net Worth

Resnick has contribute into many motivational books which inspired numerous of people her net worth estimated $5million.

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