July 13, 2024


Glorious boy is a tremendous talented artist who suddenly raised to the limelight just immediately after being signed into jonzing world by D prince.


Name glorious
Stage name glorious boy
Gender male
Birth 2002
Marital status single
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation singer songwriter
Net worth $16,000

Early Life

Glorious boy was conceived and born in Nigerian, his state and tribe are not known yet, information about his private life is yet to be disclosed,
He was probably raised by his parents and well nurtured.


The young star began his musical career at a very tender age as a freestyle artist making numerous of covers.

Personal Life

Rumor might have been going on base on his private life but sincerely has not yet disclose this to the public, weather in any romantic relationship or not.

Social Media

Instagram. Thegloriousboy

Net Worth

From the moment he got involved into jonzing world records with the aim and ability of attracting attention and audiences that aid him multiply his fans base and increase of his income, his net worth is estimated $16,000.

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