May 21, 2024


Gregory ojefua is a popular Nigerian actor model voice over artist and Tv presenter born on July 3,in igueben Edo state Nigerian he became famous due to his unique and impressive performance.

Based on his model career he has starred in numerous brand both in Nigerian and across including MTN beta talk advert, Nigerite 3x cement advert and so many others.

Early Life/Education

Gregory Ojefua was conceived and born on July 3, in igueben Edo state Nigerian where he was probably raised by his parents, also did his elementary education there before he got admission into university of dAekunle Ajasin in Ondo state Nigerian.


Teddy Bear as he is publicly known has been into acting from a tender age of 10 but he needed to acquire more knowledge and skills before he eventually go into acting has his profession, Gergory Ojefua attended different classes of arts and graduated with a flying colors and that is the major reason his appearance in any movies make it really and unique.

Beyond acting teddy bear is also a model as his videos and picture travelled all angle of social media, his venture into modeling is what can’t be comprehend despite his huge body but still uses as a point of marketing to attract millions of views.

Multi talented teddy bear uses his amazing deep voice also to build his fans based, his presence in Nigerian entertainment industry as be a help to many, he has won several awards and as well nominations.

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