May 21, 2024


Jo pearl is a British media influencer fashionistas and blogger she elevated to the limelight immediately she posted video of herself reviewing the secret that she had been the side chick over two years for the superstar Burna boy.


Jo Pearl officially launched her website that operates mainly on selling intimate wear and waist trainer she empowers her website with her instagram page.

She market her product online and also use herself for advertising, she kept moving progressively.

But she rose to the limelight immediately she reviewed the secret that Burna boy had been dating her alongside with steff London this sound so amazing to her fans and that of Burna boy.

Early Life

Jo Pearl was conceived and born on August 5, 1997, in London where she spent her childhood period and also accomplished her education.

Personal Life

Jo Pearl had kept her lifestyle private not until she make that video she uploaded on instagram.

She say Burna boy had promised to make baby with her but looking at the way things is go it seems that the promise with come to reality so she boost it out before it to late.
But even since the moment we can’t predict if she is single or in a relationship.

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