May 21, 2024


Luchy Donald’s is a remarkable Nigerian actress model brand promoter and media influencer born on may 28, 1991 in Emi Owerri North, Imo state, she made her debut in movies like Loving Soul, American Prince, Osinachi My Wife.


After her basic education in Imo state where she was born she enrolled into mount Carmel Premier secondary school she graduated and gained admission into Madonna university but later earned her degree in Tanasian university.

Early life

Luchy Donald was born on may 28, 1991 in Emi Owerri north, Imo state Nigerian in to the family of Mr and Mrs Donald a God fearing Christain family, she was properly raised by her parents alongside with his sibling but information about his sibling is not yet publicly stated.


her career kick off in 2006 after being exposed by a friend she meet on Facebook who is a movie producer that same year she made her first debut movie titled Osinache My Wife, progressively with the aid of her friend she was able to released numerous of series that elevated her to the point she is now.

At the moment she hit the spotlight Luchy Donald has keep on updating his audience with a unique movie, being widely recognized well in Nigerian Nollywood industry she has peaked in same movie with Zubby Michael, Cche Nancy, Chacha Eke, Yul Edoiche and many more


Osinach my wife

American prince

A lasting chance

Another blood

Better wrong

Marriage pressure

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