May 21, 2024


Maje ayida is a Nigerian wellness fitness coach entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of the awards winning Health and Fitness brand called Eden Lifestyle he was born on August 17, 1973 in Delta state Nigerian.

Personal Life

Maje is married to toke makinwa over 18th months the couple met on a boat club but later divorced due to the accusations that was lay on Maje ayida that he was cheating on his wife with his girlfriend Anita Solomon who was his baby mama this story set the media on fire for a long period.

Early Life/ Education

Maje Ayida was only eight years when he left for England cause his parents wanted him to study there, after his education he got a job in bank of London where he worked for some period of years before he left to Nigerian his home country to sattle down.


Maje dedicates his time and effort to build up his career and that resulted to a tremendous success as his instagram has thousands of followers which he eventually uses for advertising and promoting of brands.

After the divorce Maje ayida found life miserable and it actually affected his business and emotions but finally decided to move and said he do not even any woman again.

Toke makinwa later wrote a book based on Maje ayida fitness and cheating on her which Maje stop the book for sales and on July 22, 2015 he apologized to toke makinwa for cheating on her but she didn’t respond.

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