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Banele Mbere and Bandile Mbere are South Africa impressive singer, songwriter w hi o were born on January 3, 1991, in Boston, American, they are professional recognized as Major League Djz they suddenly raised to fame immediately after the education.

Major League Djz is a South Africa music group formed primarily by two man by name Banele Mbere and Bandile Mbere
Both are twins and was born on January 3,1991, in Boston, united state.


Name Bandile Mbere and Banele Mbere
Stage name Major League Djz
Gender Male
Marital status Single
Nationality South Africa
Birth January 3, 1991
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Net worth $1.4millin

Early life

Banele Mbere and Bandile Mbere was born in Boston, united state in the family of Mr and Mrs Mbere, their father formerly was ambassador in South Africa, both was raised in Boston before they discovered their talent in music.


Bandile Mbere and Banele Mbere (Major League Djz) did their basic and high education in Boston, American where they were born, then later move on to Johannesburg their home town to pursue music.


Duo of Banele Mbere and Bandile Mbere (Major League Djz) began their career in music immediately they accomplished their senior high school .

In 2007 professional their started music hosting several events in order to promote their brand but fortunately raised to the stardom

Banele Mbere and Bandile Mbere (Major League Djz) father is an instrumentalist whom initially taught them how to play guitar and piano with the aid of that contributed to their rapid growth in the music scene.

Personal life

Bandile Mbere of (Major League Djz) once disclosed the news that he was in a relationship with a female rapper by name Nadia Nakai but the friendship didn’t last long, while Banele Mbere started that he is very comfortable with his single lifestyle.


Do better
Zulu girl
The bizness
Slyza Tsoti

Net Worth

Major League Djz has contributed to Pop and Amiapaino music scene and earned millions of income through aid of music their net worth estimated $1.4million.

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