May 21, 2024


Nduvhudzannyi Ralivhona is a multi talented southern African dancer singer, songwriter entertainer and entrepreneur her venture happened after she released the hit track Tshanda Vhuya and Matorokisi, she is publicly known as Makhadzi and she normally sing with her language.

Early Life

Makhadzi was conceived and born on June 30th 1996 in Ha-Mashamba Tshivhangani, Limpop, southern African, she have two siblings before the divorce of the parents, she and her siblings was brought up by her mother.


Her elementary education was in mukula integrated school in limpop where she grew, graduated and got admission with the aim of obtaining a degree in public relations also studied drama.


Makhadzi started her career professionally in 2010 by becoming a member of the dancing group makirikiri this organiziation she learnt how to dancer, began making dancing videos which she used initially to built up her social media page, facebook, instagram, and twitter.

Makhadzi venture was as a result of her studio record that she did by herself, the studio manager heard it and was very impressed immediately called her for the proper recording.

She released her first album in 2012 and between 2012 to 2021 she already had 6 albums, makhadzi is globally welcome in any country as she travels to different national to performs her songs

Personal Life

Currently she is not in any relationship but guess she has colleagues she goes out with, her career is the most important to her as she continuously making effort to earn a grammy award.

social media

Twitter @makhadzimuimbi
Facebook makhadzi muimbi music SA
Email [email protected]
Instagram @makhadzisa

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