May 21, 2024


Mariechan Luiters is a South African born remarkable singer songwriter born on November 1, 1982 in Stellenbosch, she was formerly in the music group All girl band, Jamali but later moved on as a solo artist her love for pop music leaded her to releasing her debut single titled Just Call Me Marie Jane which eventually earn her massive airplay.

Early Life

Mariechan Luiters was born on November 1, 1982 into the family of Luiters she was born and raised in Stellenbosch where she grew up with her sibling, fortunately Mariechan happened to be born into a family that primarily loved music so it was easy for her when she decided to take music as career, she gained support and encourage from her both parents.


she accomplished and earn her certificate both in her basic and high education in Stellenbosch where she was born before enrolling into university to further her education.


initially Marie started her music career alongside with her group of colleagues, the was named all girls band and there are widely recognized in South African music industry after their successful competition they proceed and released their debut single greatest love the track aid to their massive audience and million of views in 2005 they came up with their album which comprises of songs like Dalile, Love Me For Me, Greatest Love etc.

After sixteen years of successful together in which they released albums like yours fatally, 3rd base and toxic candy all departed to pursue a solo career in 2019.

Having acquired the ability and energy in her group of band Marie proceeded as a solo artist in the point no group, no on to encourage her, she just have to do it only with bondless she move ahead to build her personal audience.

in 2021 Mariechan Luiters boost in South African music industry with her solo song just call me Marie jane the energy and lyrics in the songs is what at first amazed her audience, this track drafted a room for her as a solo artist, she then later collaborate with the popular music star Manu world star to release the son pressure.

Personal life

the tremendous Marie is currently in a serious relationship with the popular music star Manu Worldstar the rumors that they both had a child is not yet approved but looking at how serious the relationship is guess the both tie the knot.

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