May 21, 2024


Brittnee Rae is an American popular porn actress and model born on 15th October 1991 in California, whom by her unique style attract audience and views she has s globally known as miss Bnasty.


Brittnee Rae was formerly a navy before he gets into porn movie according to her this happened as a result of her baby daddy cheating on her.

Miss bnasty journey to pornstar is unfortunately duel to her baby daddy who was also a Navy, miss bnasty review that her baby daddy squander his money on cam model left her and the baby struggling seeing this she became so angry with him and this later lead her to join the cam model if that’s what her man what.

Miss Bnasty didn’t break on with her baby daddy both started making adult movie but the relationship got to a point of worse when she cannot continue with him cause the lifestyle is affecting her physical she decides to end the relationship.

Personal Life

Miss Bnasty is a mixture of black and white her father is from Ghanian while her mother is an English woman born in London she has a sister by name Brandi.

Net Worth

Finally she dropped her navy work and officially took adult movie as her profession cause she earn more fro it her net worth estimated $3million.

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