May 21, 2024


Samuel Ogaba is a fast rising Nigerian singer songwriter born 25 August 1995, he is publicly known as Og Mage and his genre is mostly hip hop and afrobeat hails from Idoma Benue state Nigerian music has been is number one perolite.

Early Life

Samuel was born and raised in Idoma Benue state, he also did his basic education in Idoma before gaining admission into university to pursue a degree.


Passion drove mage to the point he is today, his style of sound is fusion of hip hop and afrobeat trying to create another unique sound, he draw inspiration from his past experience, environment and his life, released the song anthem ready, on April 2022 which appeared on his debut Ep Alter Ego.

OG Mage released another song titled so good which talk about love and feelings, from the moment he found his into visual to be view globally he has released numerous of songs such as Baby, Okay, Ghost, The Man etc.

Personal Life

His passion do not give him the chance to be in any relationship for now as he spent most of his time craft out some unique sound.


Down this road
Owe demmoney
A piece of lovely cake
So good
Anthem ready
The man
Too blessed
Like An OG
Your way
The Capital

Net Worth

Industry of afrobeat Og Mage have craft his own unique sound which fetch him an income his net worth estimated $1million.

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