March 1, 2024


Paul Eckert is one German music star songwriter start his music career as a freestyle artist, here are some of the tracks that arose him to the zenith control, another love, and try outs, stage name is same as his real name Paul Eckert.


Full name Paul Eckert

Nationality Germany

Stage name Paul Eckert

Gender Male

Marital status Single

Genre Rock, pop, soul, jazz

Net worth $1million


Paul launched his YouTube channel in 2017, his unique sound have travels and touch every part of the world, mostly rock, pop, jazz his genre.

Paul released his first studio album titled love songs, his kind of songs is a sound that got you emotionally and also a sound that will inspire the generation to come, Eckert have released numerous of albums including the journey, Rise up, Ecohes he have worked with several music star including John legends, Justin Timberlake.

Eckert was actually influenced by legends superstar like Stevie wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles, his unique style of sound his a mix of pop, jazz rock and soul, he have over millions of followers instagram TikTok and other social media platforms his songs are used in some movies for instance the movie titled Grey’s anatomy.


Try outs




Love songs

Rise up

The journey


Net Worth

Paul have eventually arose to the stardom with his unique style of sound and gained himself a wealth life his net worth approximated $1million.

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