July 12, 2024


Peace Pever Anpee is a Nigerian famous social media influence, Dancer, and content creator born December, 10, 1998 she is publicly known with the name purple speedy she have contributed greatly to Nigerian entertainment industry has over millions of followers in TikTok and other social media platforms hails from benue state Nigerian.


Full name Peace Pever Anpee

Birthday December 10, 1998

Stage name Purple speedy

Marital status Single

Nationality Nigerian

State Benue state

Gender Female

Occupation Dancer, content creator

Net worth $500.000thousand

Early Life

Peace pever was conceived through mr terhile pever anpee and mrs ishughun pever she has two sisters glory pever and faith pever the family currently reside in benue state Nigerian.


Peace high education was in WM Bristow second in Gboko and later moved on to study guidance and counseling in university of Nasarawa in Keffi.


Purple speedy dancing career started when she began post her content online which later results of her gaining views and multiple of followers cause of her unique style of content as of the year 2021 when she just peaked up she collaborate with some of her colleagues on dancing videos that also aid in her rapidly breakthrough including crispdal, jerry chuks, beauty goddess.

As of 2023 she eventually found fame and his globally known as a dancer in Nigerian entertainment industry gained numerous of endorsements and served as ambassador for several companies, appeared in many advertisements.

Personal Life

Purple speedy is always seen with Elijah Chinye her colleagues also a dancer and he his well known as Crispdal as rumors may have it said that both are in a romantic relationship but not yet reviewed or verified it.

Net Worth

The young star has come a long way with this her passion of dance right from her school day but finally arose to the limelight her net worth estimated $500.000thounsand.

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