June 22, 2024


Maria burton Carson is widely known as the
adopted daughter to Richard burton and Elizabeth
Taylor, she born in to fame but decided
to stay out of social media reasons
we known to her.

Early Life

Maria was conceived and born on August 1, 1961 in Munich Germany, the details of her biological parents are being unknown but she was adopted into the family of Richard burton fortunately she properly nursed by Richard burton wife, Elizabeth Taylor.

Maria grew up in Munich Germany and enjoyed her childhood period with siblings Liza Todd and Michael jr, Christopher.

Personal Life

Maria has attempted two marriage failure the first one was with Mr Daniel Steve Carson both was engaged on February 13, 1981 the couple welcomed a baby girl, Elizabeth Carson in 1982 but unfortunately divorce in 2000.

Same with her second marriage with Mr Tom Mckeown but on this was a son still both ended up divorced.


Maria educational background details is unknown yet to be disclosed.

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