July 13, 2024


Sarah Idaji Ojone is a popular Nigerian
content creator Internet personality
born on September 4, 2001 she is
widely known as saidaboj she earn
fame through her with her impressive
content and media controversies.

Early Life/Education

Saidaboj a talented content creator media influencer was born in Nigerian on September 4, 2001, in Kogi state Nigerian, she was raised by her biological parents mr and Mrs Ojone.

Much details about her family and education background his not publicly stated but we will update you as soon we discovered more information.


Saidaboj suddenly became a publicly figure as she is noticed in all social media platforms TikTok, instagram, Facebook and YouTube, initially she began as a content creator but did not eventually succeed in that aspect not until she started a controversy with the popular human right activist verydarkblackman and this happened as a result of verydarkblackman suggesting that women should engage their time and energy in order to be able to afford their needs and materials things echoing the lyrics of cast by shalipopi featuring OdumoduBlvck, odumodublvck verse that says
If she no fuck oh she no suck Dk, who go pay for her wig and handbag, this got attention of Saidaboj who try to oppose his motion both end up in conflict.

Saidaboj very bold and fearless stood upright for the women, her comments against verydarkblackman exposed in the Internet and this was a long topic in the social media as she was invited to speak according to her intelligence and opinions.

Personal Life

Currently Saidaboj is not in a relationship and looking at the way she sounds she not ready to married or even embark in any romantic relationship but still we will update you if we found more information about her.

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