July 13, 2024


Kosisochukwu gospel Peter is a tremendous talented Nigerian singer, songwriter born 2004 in the Eastern part of Nigerian Owerri, Imo state she arose to limelight as she released the hit song titled Icon.



Full name Kosisochukwu gospel Peter
Stage name Salle
Born 2004
Nationality Nigerian
Marital status Single
Gender Female
State of origin Imo
Genre Afrobeat
Net worth $2million


Salle enrolled in creche at the age of two and for her primary she attended elementary school where she earned her certificate and graduated in a secondary in owerri.

Early Life

Details about her family background his not yet disclosed but we discovered that she grew up in a Christian catholic family and was trained in a church choir and that how her passion in music began.


Salle growing upon Owerri is a big disadvantage for to show up in the limelight, no finance to pursue music she kept believing in God for her destiny helper to locate her while still on a church choir, sometime she went out to a local show just if she can be give an opportunity to perform, but no until one faithful day on her way hawking she met a man whom had listened to her song, he recorded and uploaded it in Instagram.

The video gained a lot of shared and rapidly go viral to the extend of Don jazzy hearing and other Afro music stars.

Salle release of songs but icon is well recognized but she is currently working on a project EP titled call me Salle, we are waiting to hear from her.


Let me see
Try me rebel (cover)

Net Worth

Afrobeat industry has been an aid to Salle life, she is in a limelight and tremendous artist her net worth estimated $2million.

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