July 13, 2024


Akorede bobo is a young talented
comedian, singer and actor publicly
recognized as Son Of Dsource,
he gained fame through his
educational skirts, funny
content and his songs.


name Akorede bobo

stage name Son of dsource

born 2015

gender Male

occupation Comedian, singer, actor

nationality Nigerian

Net worth $100.000

Early Life

Akorede was born in Lagos state Nigerian in year 2015 into the family of Olawale Lawal who is widely recognized with the name cruise daddy, Akorede have two siblings his brother Akolade whose stage name is son of dsource1 and a sister Alolade Queen of Dsource she is widely recognized.


He is still in his primary level, so much details on his education background his not yet stated.

Personal Life

Success as child is his first goal setting as we can not state any legal or illegal relationship of him cause he is still a child but the media eyes is on him until his adulthood.
Akorede spent most of his time on content making alongside with his siblings.


The young star started his career as a comedian with the aid of his daddy who is actually his sponsor, Akorede have be able to make numerous of content from the moment he started gaining attention of his audience which added to his promotion and fame today, talking about his music career he gives his audience best music videos and they love his content very much.

Net Worth

His content creating had eventually turned out income for him and his more of make money as his net worth his about $50,000 to $100,000.

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