May 21, 2024


Toro aramide is a tremendous Nigerian actress movie producer and media influencer she earned fame just immediately she appeared on the movie Ogoji which she was the behind as the producer.

Early Life

Toro aramide was born on August 15, 1985 in Nigerian details about her family background is not yet all disclosed but she was raised in Nigerian but an American based.


Same as her education, where she accomplished and obtained her degree is not yet known, reason is because she don’t like sharing things about publicly.


Initially she started as an actress with the opening to appear in several movies due to her unique and well played of any role she was given, toro aramide was widely known with the movie she producer titled Ogoji.

Based her attractive appearance she was always use as a princess in some movies and she is quite go in that role Toro aramide has done herself good with her ability to draft her way in Nollywood industry and actually made so big with actress and films production.

Personal Life

Happily married to a loving and caring man and a mother of three children but names of her children and husband is not socially known but sometimes shares pictures of her family in instagram.

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