July 13, 2024


Martins Vincent Otse is a popular Nigerian media star, activist, model and a content creator born April 8th, 1995, publicly known as a very dark black man.

He gained recognition after his voice out against the skincare brand which sold in a massive amount but on yet registered after his criticized on the product he attracted attention and traffic to his page.

Early Life

lack was born in Lagos state Nigerian but hails from Edo, Benin city


Very dark man raised to prominence as a result of content creative and controversy especially the one of death of mohbad imole speaking against his wife to run a DNA test to confirm that the baby boy is mohbad son.

Dark is well known as a man that don’t take nonsense and as a straight ward person, well recognized by his fans that served as his back bone in social media.


Dark basic school was in edo state where he was born lay moved on into the university of Lagos to obtain a degree in business administration.

Net Worth

Black is a peaceful and at same time a violent man and that is what he actually displayed online that gave him the fame his net worth estimated $500.0000

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