July 13, 2024


Moshood Abdulmuiz is a young
talented Nigerian singer,
songwriter who suddenly
raised to limelight with the
aid of Vibez inc records.

Muyeez as he is popularly known boost into the Nigerian music industry with the hit track instagram featuring his label boss seyi Vibez, with the uniqueness and lyrically emotional of the song it was able to draw millions of audience and won him fans based.

Early Life/Education

Muyeez date of birth is yet to be disclosed but we discovered that he was 16 years as as of 2024 when he became globally known.

Also his education background is not publicly available but he is very young 16years so probably in his secondary school level, much details/information about Muyeez is available due to he is new in the industry.


Young talented Muyeez came into the Nigerian music industry with his debut single instagram with energy of Seyi Vibez who he featured the track earn him millions of audience and fans

Amazing how Muyeez gained his success at the age of 16 the hit instagram with is his first track how capture him connections in the globally world and made him super popular.

Currently the song is in all social platforms and earning a massive streams, thanks to Vibez Inc that discovered this young talented star.

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