July 13, 2024


Naomi Sharon is renowned Netherlands
singer, songwriter whose vocal and
lyrics textures is incredible and
that is more reason she suddenly
gained fame.

Early Life

Sharon was conceived and born in Rotterdam, in Netherlands where she spent her teenage period and did her education before proceeding to music as her profession.


Naomi is one unique artist you will love listening to as she has the ability of combining the traditional R&B to the modern sound and also draw inspiration from jazz, rocks, and Afro pop.

Initially Sharon started as a listener then began training her vocal by attending a music class, this added to her fast rising into the R&B music industry.

Personal Life

From the period Naomi raised to the spotlight she had been working so hard to draft a tremendous sounds to earn a Grammy nomination this made her attention more focused on herself than in a relationship.


Another life
Waiting for you
Nothing sweeter

Net Worth

With her impressive and emotional melodies which her audience love her for she as be able to manipulate income with it her net worth estimated $1million.

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