July 13, 2024


Alexia Jayy is a popular American R&B,
hip hop singer songwriter who rose
to fame with her soft and melodic
voice that actually attracts his


Name Alexia Jayy
Gender Female
Marital status Single
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Genre R&B, hip hop
Nationality American
Net worth $1million


Alexia is very passionate as she draw and infused sound from different genre’s to make her own which eventually resulted to a her own and unique sound she mix pop, hip hop traditional R&B to draft out a unique sound.

Alexia sound is mostly Emotional and touches every part of soul, guess is the reason of the increase of her fans and uplift, from the period she hit the spotlight she has being given us hit tracks.


I Need a Man
Over and done
It Ain’t easy
Who raised you

Net Worth

With the moment of audience she have which eventually resulted to a massive streams of her sound and she earn millions of income, her net worth estimated $1million.

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