April 14, 2024


Erica mason is a gospel hip hop and R&B singer songwriter and rapper she hails from Gainesville, Florida_ Williston, Erica didn’t notice the talent in her until she was given opportunity to perform in one of the church occasion and she did marvelous well.


Name Erica mason
Gender Female
Marital status Single
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Genre Hip hop R&B
Net worth $1million


Erica initially did not start his career as a gospel artist as she did discover that until she was given an opportunity, from this moment she engaged her time and effort in music and that arrived her to the position she is today.

The music star eventually carved her way into the prominence and she has released numerous of songs including “No Joke, Ain’t Worried” Work it Out, etc.

Erica was primarily inspired by the gospel songs she listened drive inspiration from that and began to put it into practice but some how was afraid to expose it to the public but with the aid of youth leader in her church who gave her the courage to over her foes who is fear and immediately with that energy she performed for the first time.


Wake up call
Walk away
Moving on
No smoke
Outside my mind
Closer to you
No regrets

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