May 21, 2024


Chellaboi is a remarkable Nigerian fast rising artist songwriter entertainer and content creator his hit song Yansh Na Yansh parted her for him into the global world Which he recently released in 2024.

progressively Chellaboi career has gone beyond incredible immediately he released the hit song ynash na ynash that resulted to a massive traffic in Tiktok Instagram and other social media platform.

Early life/Education

currently the young is in his early 20s and guess he hails from the southeastern part of Nigerian, Igbo by tribe details about his parents and siblings is not yet state on social medial but he was properly raised in a Christian home.

Chellaboi speak English frequently and accurately with that you can tell that he is well educated and addition to that you can see that in his lyrics cause he is the one that wrote all of his songs, information about his educational background is unknown.


Initially Chellaboi started his music career as a street freestyle artist combined with content creating gradually he found his way into the stardom, professionally begin music in 2021/2022 when he release songs like Gudemei Nuwagu in 2022, trap, best i leave but this songs do not hit the Nigerian entertainment industry not until 2024 when he released the hit track Ynash Na Yash that eventually parted a way for him into the music industry.

the young music star is associated with untouchable comedy, Peller, Don Jazzy, Rema and many other celebrities his encourage and hard work is a huge motivation to many upcoming music stars, Chellaboi actually did it on his own with any one support.


Nyash Na Nyash

Lose you


Keep going

Last forever



Best i leave


Next Sunrise

Gudemei Nuwagu 2022

Personal Life

he do more of music and not yet ready for a romantic relationship from the moment chellaboi hit the spotlight he is every moment busy in a show performing or in a studio recording trying to go beyond his current level.

Social Media

Instagram: Chellaboi1 he has 102k followers

Facebook: Chellaboi1 official over 47k followers

Tiktok: @Chellaboi over 342.8k followers

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