May 21, 2024


Annie Blonde is a popular Nigerian model media influencer internet personality and p*rn star she gained promise with sexual videos that she exposed publicly to the social media.

Annie Blonde has been continuously present in social media but not publicly known until she started making a sexual videos of herself that was the primary source of her fame.

Early Life/ Education

Born on September 24th in the southwestern part of Nigerian, Lagos state she grow up with her aunty and probably did her education in Lagos as well, much details about her background is not yet media disclosed but it is obvious she dropped out of school due to financial reason.


The young p*rn star was once and internet personality and upcoming model but unfortunately she is not get the attention she need until she started making p*rn movie, right now Annie Blonde is widely recognized but in African and all over the world.

We can’t say she love what she is doing guess is because of financial problem but progressively is now financial ok from the income she earn for her p*rn movies but still in it, Annie Blonde mighty be sexual addicted cause she once said that she was sexually abused when she is still with her aunty while growing up.

With the aid of her colleagues she was able to link up with Kingtblakhoc a website that operate majorly on sexually movies.

Personal Life

Annie Blonde has not review her boyfriend or husband based on our investigation we discovered that she not yet married for now maybe she mighty have a boyfriend but not yet medially disclosed.

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