July 13, 2024


Cindy mahlangu is a tremendous southern
African actress Internet personality born
on November 21, 1996 in the city of mpumalanga,
she gained venture for the role siyanda
on the southern African soap opera The Queen.

Early Life

Cindy was conceived and born in mpumalanga a city in southern African on 21, November 1996, she was raised by her biological parents alongside her siblings.


The multi talented young movie star had to undergo a training before she can be given a chance to perform, beyond that she have to read memorize the roles perfectly before her appearance in camera so it quite stressful for her until she became used to it.

Cindy mahlangu first debut on the movie titled the herd and her performance was quite impressive with that she gained opportunity to peaked on the movie makoti which she played the role kayise.

She eventually hit the spotlight immediately she take part on the movie siyanda a southern African soap opera The Queen, Cindy mahlangu happened to be globally acknowledged as she appeared on the Netflix movie titled Blood And Water.

Social Media

Instagram @cindy-thando
Twitter @cindythando4
Facebook unknown

Personal Life

Cindy mahlangu is being rumored to be in a romantic relationship with bongani zungu a skillful midfielder for the French club Amiens SC.

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