June 21, 2024


Marlo Hampton is a remarkable multi talented
actress model Internet personality and
entrepreneur, she is widely recognized
with the role she played on real
housewives of Atlanta.

Early Life

Marlo Hampton was born on February 7, 1976 in St. Petersburg, Florida united state of American by an African/American parents, her childhood experience is quite impressive as she use some of the knowledge she acquired to fight the present situation.


After obtaining her elementary certificate she enrolled into university of southern Florida a college of arts and science, her main focus of studying is on interdisciplinary science and social work.


Marlo Hampton success journey is quite amazing after hitting the spotlight she immersed herself in different business in 2008 she launched her first fashion boutique in Atlanta due to her popular recognition she used that as an influenced to promote her brand.

Being widely known she needs to produce something unique and presentable, Marlo built her brand to level that it exposed globally, her fashion boutique is widely known all over the world cause she advertise her brand with media platforms.

Personal Life

Marlo kept details about herself out of social media, information about her husband boyfriend children is unknown, the only thing you can see on his page or status is her business details and videos.

She well educated and trained looking at her effort and eyes you will obviously observed that her passion is beyond just fashion as she is engaged in several business but well known with fashion.

She have this attractive curve body, so definitely she have a man in her life but information about that is unknown.

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