May 21, 2024


Dadju alimasi Nsungula is a Congolese-french Singer songwriter born on 2, may 1991, he is widely known with the name Dadju or better still prince Dadj he signed a record deal with Wati B records and polydor records of universal music group for further promotion.

Early Life

Dadju was conceived and born on may 2, 1991,in Congo his father is widely known as Djanana Djuna he have three brothers who are also into entertainment Gims, Bedjik, and Xgangs.


He was born into a music lover’s family both his father and his brother are into music so it initially part of him, raising up he joined the music group Shin Sakai alongside rapper Abou Tall he was in the group from 2012 to 2016 later gained a record deal with Wati B records where he eventually released his debut album titled Indefini, he later breaks up from that group then released his solo album Gentleman in 2017.


Bob Marley
Ma vie
Grand brain
I love you

Personal Life

Dadju is a father of a baby girl and boy, happily married in 2016.

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