May 21, 2024


Bailly lariinette Tatah is a Cameroonian Afro pop singer songwriter born on August, 8, 1995, she is publicly known as blanch Bially rose to the limelight with the debut song Kam we stay which went viral and earn her massive audience.

Early Life

Bailly was conceived and born on 8, August 1995, in Kumba a city in Southern Africa.


She obtained her first school leaving certificate in sacred heart school and her secondary school was in baptist secondary school and Diligent secondary school.


Blanch Bially currently lived in France and that is where she began her music career officially started as a recording artist and performer she later move down to UK where she linked up with Cameroonian artist that aid to record her single.

In 2015 she released her first debut single titled Killa, producer by Ayo Beats, she move to meet a Cameroonian producer who help in writing her debut song kam we stay this song eventually parted a way for her into the limelight.

Even since that moment bially had been doing tremendous good in music and she always rated among the big music stars.

Personal Life

Bially kept her lifestyle private she doesn’t not expose anything coursing her to the public.

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