May 21, 2024


Faith Love Pever Anpee is a very talented Nigerian dancer model TikToker content creator and media influencer born on 25, November 2003, she is well recognized as purple speedy sister, she immersed herself with her colleagues who are also in media influencing immediately gained prominence.

she is widely recognized with the name Iam Tiwa her content primarily is her source and the initially means of her breakthrough.

Early Life

The multi talented superstar was born on November 25, 2003, in Markurdi, Benue state, Nigerian faith love Pever Anpee currently celebrate her 20 years birthday in 2023.

She hails from Benun state, Nigeria she is a decent of Gboko in Benun state and Tiv by tribe, faith love was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Pever Anpee, she has siblings sister Glory Pever Anpee and Peace Pever anpee widely known as Purple Speedy who is also a Tiktoker, dancer and content creator.


Faith Love Pever Anpee accomplished her primary and secondary education in Benun state Nigerian, she is currently in her university level, she attend W.M Bristow secondary school in Gboko, Benun,


She engaged herself with a dancing group of colleagues and immediately raised to the prominence due the aid other members of the group, in this group is a solo journey but all combined to build their career, her content creators colleagues including Toskysmash, Cdy Voltage, Purple Speedy her sister, Crispdal, and Softmadeit.

He breakthrough happened within 2021/2022 just the period she meet with her colleagues with the passion and love she has for dancing and content creating she was able to raised to the stardom without much stress and story.

Personal Life

She is currently not married or in any relationship but she recently associated with Cdy Voltage and Toskysmash her content creating colleagues but rumors on the social media stated that she is in a romantic relationship with one of them but this information is not yet denied or confirmed we are still waiting to be clarify.

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