May 21, 2024


Onyekwelu Jennifer Ebere is a fast rising Nigerian content creator media influencer TikToker YouTuber and Internet personality born on may 29, 1996 in the southeastern part of Nigerian she publicly known as jenni frank.

Her consistently present in Internet lead to her rapid fame, she has this ability to attract attention with her short videos that she normally upload on her instagram page.

She started earning followers immediately her contents became unique she has of 855k followers in instagram.

Early Life/Education

Jenni frank is a decent of anambra born and brought, her birth was on may 29, 1996 much information on her family background is not yet disclosed publicly but we discovered that her parents is mr and Mrs Onyekwelu, she is probably and well brought with the fear of God.

Her elementary education was in anambra where she was born with the evidences of her certificate and later enrolled into covenant university to obtain her degree in relations and Human Resources management.

Personal Life

For now she well comfortable with her private life of single as it gives her time to focus on his career and dream.

Jenni frank creativity is currently causing traffic online with the intellectual ability she was able to capture millions of fans to herself.


Her suddenly rose to the limelight is what seems amazing to all Jenni frank what actually elevated her was being known as the Queen of slowmo skyrocketed, the slowmochallenge this trend in social media for a long period of time and Jenni frank was well recognized with this.

Gaining the fame with this challenge gave her the opportunity to connect with other media stars whom want to promote her and as well advertise on his page.

The slowmochallenge which was use to all Nigerian songs trending that moment and she being recognized as the Queen gave her that room and opportunity she began partnering with brand TikTok, telemundo, MTN and man others

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