May 21, 2024


Emmanuel uko is a multi talented Nigerian actor comedian entrepreneur scriptwriter and entertainer born on October 21, he gained prominence through his skits making.

The young star has over 1,6 millions followers in instagram as a result of his unique style and creative contents

Early Life/Education

Redbutterflydude was born on 21 October in the southeastern part of Nigerian where he spent his childhood time, also earn his basic and high school certificate there.

Redbutterflydude obtained her degree in cell biology and energetic in university of Lagos and as well a degree in leadership and team development from international business management institute, Berlin, Germany.

Personal Life

The multi talented Redbutterflydude his very much dedicated to his career and passion then give time to friends and other things that will not profit him.

Privately he live is life as he don’t like sharing things base on his family and himself online so we do not know if he is in any relationship.


Redbutterflydude creativity lead to his success today immediately he discovered his passion and career he rapidly followed not quite long he hit the spotlight based on his fast moving and connection.

Getting to the limelight he got the audience attention and being push in contents in instagram page, Redbutterflydude as featured numerous of comedians in the entertainment industry including Broda Shaggi, Nosa baba Rex, The Cute Abiola and many others.

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