May 21, 2024


Klara Ifedioku is a popular Nigerian model, writer, and media influencer she is publicly recognized as ifedioku and gained prominence by her fashion lifestyle modeling pictures which she usually uploads on instagram page.

Early Life

Ifedioku was born Klara Kalu on 13th October 1997 into the family of mr Mrs Kalu she hails Abia state, Nigerian an Igbo decent the name Klara was giro her by her parents while ifedioku her stage was given to her by couples of her friends ifedioku simply mean hot something.


After her basic education and her high school with the certificate she got admission into Abia State university where she is currently studying for her Bsc degree.


At her tender age she spent most of her time reading and writing guess that where her passion initially built up to the level that she became a writer.

Klara enrolled into prestigious Purple hibiscus workshop that is established by atop Nigerian novelist and feminist e.g Chimamanda Adichie, this process resulted for her being a professional writer she later published her short story titled The paper live.

For her modeling career she consistently posting her pictures on her instagram page and that is her beginning of modeling she once post a picture herself with make up and that earn millions of views and like with that ideas she built up her audience

Also a fashion designer so she just have different angles to attractive traffic Klara with ability has motivate many Nigerian youth.

Personal Life

Busy with writing and her fashion and modeling business talking about relationship she do not give time to that as she has not share any picture of herself in any relationship.

Net Worth

At the moment she rose to stardom she establish other business right now she earn income in different dimension her net worth is about $1million.

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