May 21, 2024


Emperesari Deville is an American singer songwriter and dancer born on October 15, 1990 in Buffalo New Yorker united state she widely known as lady Lebraa amazing rose to prominence with her tweaking videos and her attractive body that she always uploads on her instagram page.


She discovered her passion very early at her tender age and immediately turned it into a career she reviewed in an interview she has with Dj small that she was 18 years when she began dancing.

She switched to music at the point her fans increases seeing the love and like she get from her audience she in her instagram page that drives her to music and she did essentially well.

Personal Life

Lady lebraa is very engaged with her passion as she put more energy and consistency in order to accomplish her goal.

Currently she is not in any relationship as cherished what she is doing and she has been longing for this moment and she can’t give anytime off.

Social Media

She has over 2.7 millions followers in her instagram page @lebraadeville and other media platforms.

Net Worth

She earns millions do to the energy and time she engaged into her career at the moment she hit the spotlight lady lebraa has able to acquire a wealthy lifestyle for herself net worth estimated $500,000.

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