July 13, 2024


Laya is a famous remarkable New York
singer, songwriter who suddenly
draft his way into prominence her
combination of traditional R&B
to the modern sound this
what actually elevated
her to the stardom.


Name Laya
Gender Female
Occupation Singer songwriter
Genre R&B hip hop
Nationality New York
Marital status Single
Net worth $1million


Laya arosed to the R&B music scene her strong and emotional lyrics, her songs and lyrics is mostly about love, health, and what his currently going on in her life and country.

She is widely recognized today because of his unique and energetic lyrics and vocal, when you listen to Laya sounds it impart tremendous lesson in your life.


Crazy Down
Sailor moon
On Sight
Sock it 2 me

Personal Life

The young start was not yet Found engaged in any romantic relationship as she spent all his energy and time to give out the best sounds to her audience.

Net Worth

Eventually joy flows as she accomplished and achieved her dream her net worth is estimated $1million.

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