April 14, 2024


Savannah Cristina is an American R&B and hip hop artist born and raised in Florida, her impressive lyrics and vocals is what her audience found amazing about her, she has this ability of infusing R&B into a soulful vibes.


Name Savannah
Gender Female
Nationality American
Occupation Singer songwriter
Genre R&B hip hop
Marital status Single
Net worth $1million

Early Life

Savannah was conceived and born in the south Florida American where she spent her childhood period with her family.


Savannah Cristina songs are emotional and encouraging which her fans love listening to, any moment Savannah releases a track she doesn’t need much promotion on it as her audience contribute to distribution of the sounds.

She very passionate on his music career as her time engagement can proved that, self care, is one of Savannah songs his fans enjoyed most of the time this tracks is so emotional and preaches all about love, her powerful and soulful vocal added to the beauty of the song.


What you don’t do
Gold mine
Self love
Bad bitch energy

Net Worth

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