June 22, 2024


Lorenza Izzo Francesca parsons is a Chilean
superstar actress Tv personality well
known as Lorenza Izzo born on 19th, 1989 her
present in the American action film aftershock
as Kylie and the green inferno as Justin
gave the chance of being widely recognized.

Early Life

Lorenza Izzo was conceived and born on 19th, 1989 in Santiago de Chile, the capital city of Chile, South America but she is a decent of Italian, her mother Rosita Persons is a popular model in Chilean, she has a young sister who is also into modeling Clara Lyons persons she is well recognised.


Initially lorenza Izzo studied in Chile but unfortunately she did accomplished her education there due to she relocate with her father to Atalatan, Italy where she enrolled into Georgia Institute of technology it was quite difficult for her due her Chilean accent but along the run she adapt to the environment and their accent after her elementary education she proceeded to university of Andes, she also enrolled into lee Strasberg theatre film institution in New York city.


professionally her modeling career kicked off in 2011 when her executed her to sao paulo fashion week one of the biggest fashion company in brazil so after meeting with Gisele bundchen the conclusion led to her becoming the new face in Cocci.

before her graduation she was opportune to peaked in Instructions for my funeral (Instrucciones Para Mi Funeral) in 2010 her first debut film produced by Sabastain Rudic.

as she made herself and name big in the movie industry she got featured in movies like Knock knock, the green inferno, after sock, and many more.

Personal Life

unfortunately lorenza Izzo got divorced by Eli Roth a professional America actor on November 8, 2014 but met in the green inferno movie, Nicolas Lopes initially made the introduction in 2013 during the project the green inferno but the couples did last long as divorce is the only option left.

right now we can say that lorenza Izzo is single cause she that moment she has not engaged herself into any other relationship.

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