July 13, 2024


First of all, Maurice Sam is very popular among Nigerian girls, most of his fans are girls who are crushing on him and no one can blame them for that. Maurice Sam is tall, dark, and handsome, he has an athletic physique that many female fans die for when he takes off his shirt in movies.
Maurice Sam is becoming more popular every day because he has the combination of charisma, acting talent, and physical hotness to make him one of the Nollywood actors in demand presently.
He indeed has a very bright future in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, not just Nollywood because he is into both acting and music. Maurice Sam has already made his impact felt in Nollywood, he has become many fans’ favorite for the way he has interpreted his roles in movies.
But aside from a handsome face and beautiful body, who is Maurice Sam? Maurice Sam is a fast-rising Actor, television host, DJ, and Entrepreneur. Yes, he is a DJ, but many people think he’s just an actor, No, he has multiple streams of income. You know the way the country is, just one stream of income can hardly sustain an average Nigerian.
Maurice Sam even does some modeling every once in a while since he has the face and the body of a WWE wrestler, he promotes beauty products on his influencer gigs and models for several fashion brands as well. So it is not a secret that he is talented and very hard-working, which is why he quickly created a place for himself in the Nigerian Movie Industry.


Now the question is, how did Maurice Sam enter into Nollywood?
Maurice Sam began his acting career way back when he was small in his local church, where he would act in plays and dramas during church service. It’s funny how many celebrities started in church sha! But obviously, Maurice Sam knew if he wanted to make a name for himself, he had to take his talent to the big screen.
So after school, he began to seek a career in acting, but you know getting into Nollywood is not as easy as it seems. So he began auditioning for roles in commercials and Nollywood movies and shows.
Eventually, he got his big break when he starred as “Acid ” in the television series titled “Hustle”.
Since then, Maurice Sam has successfully interpreted roles that one could consider difficult. Nevertheless, he has proven his diversity by interpreting other roles in other movies with equal commitment.

Early Life

Maurice Sam was born in Lagos State, Nigeria where he grew up with his parents and siblings, and completed his education, but he is from Akwa Ibom state. Although he has pictures of himself in the Isiagwu print design for which the Igbo people are known, making people circulate that he is an Igbo man from Imo State the truth is that he is from Akwa Ibom State.
Maurice Sam’s birthday is March 12, and fans wish him happy birthday on that date through his social media handles. His year of birth is not known as Maurice Sam being a very private person hasn’t disclosed his age, but much research shows that he is in his late twenties or early thirties, Of course, this estimation was based solely on how he looks.


Is Zack Orji Maurice Sam’s father? Talking about Maurice Sam’s parents, there have been rumors that veteran actor Zack Orji and his wife Ngozi Orji are the parents of Maurice Sam. This is because of the striking resemblance between Zack Orji and Maurice Sam.
Also, Zack Orji’s eldest son Lionel Chukwuemeka Orji looks like actor Maurice Sam, and this kind of brings confusion to his fans. Is Maurice Sam Zack Orji’s son? The truth is that Zack Orji is not Maurice Sam’s father, and Maurice Sam is not Zack Orji’s son.
There were also some rumors that Maurice Sam was the son of Nollywood veteran actress Patience Ozokwor just because they both look alike somehow. Still, those speculations were squashed, because Patience Ozokwor is from Enugu state, while Maurice Sam is from Akwa Ibom state.
However, Maurice Sam, a very private person, hasn’t disclosed his biological parents to the media. His parents and siblings all live in Lagos, although the exact number of his siblings is unknown. So we can’t tell who Maurice Sam’s father or mother is.

Personal Life

Maurice Sam’s curious female fans who have so much admiration have been asking questions such as: Is Maurice Sam married? Who is Maurice Sam’s girlfriend? Is Maurice Sam married to Sonia Uche? Is Maurice Sam and Uche Montana in a relationship?
Well, there was a rumor that he was quietly dating Pearl Watts, a ravishingly beautiful Nollywood actress known for her role in the movie Kissing Game. While another vicious rumor says he is dating Sunshine Rosman, a very young and beautiful Nigerian upcoming actress, model, and YouTuber.
The one that sounds believable is the rumor that Maurice Sam is married to actress Sonia Uche. Well, it seems like Maurice Sam is only linked to beautiful women because these women are beautiful.
Even when Maurice Sam made it clear in a video that Sonia Uche is his very good friend and nothing romantically attached, it was actually very difficult for their fans to believe they were just friends because of how really close they are. The truth is that Maurice Sam is not married to Sonia Uche and they are not even dating.

All of these are just empty rumors because the actor has not come out to say anything about it.
But there was a video circulating online some time ago in which he is said to have a wife in secret. Well according to reports that video is not from a verified source. It might just be some outlets trying to generate unnecessary controversy around the personal life of the talented actor.
However, so many female fans are praying for Maurice Sam to remain single so that they can have a chance to shoot their shot. Well, lucky for them Maurice Sam is not married, and he has not publicly come out to say he has a girlfriend.
Although every woman might be drooling over the handsome, successful, and rich actor, it seems like Maurice Sam is not interested in having a girlfriend for now as he is currently single.
Maurice seems to keep his personal life under lock and key and this shows that he certainly knows the value of privacy, which keeps fans and foes guessing about his love life.
However, it might not be so much news if the report comes up later that he is romantically involved with any female. You know, body no be firewood.


Maurice Sam has already become a popular face in Nollywood, he is seen as one of the top prospects among the next generation of actors who will take Nollywood to new heights not previously seen before.
When it comes to his Lifestyle Maurice is a quiet person, he a true introvert who likes to enjoy life in private. As for beef and celebrity drama, Maurice Sam stays as much as possible away from that, he hardly beefs or insults any personalities or entities online, but rather chooses to spread love and laughter on his social media pages.
He is known to spend time in the gym because he enjoys working out and keeping fit, and also because he has to maintain that bouncer body. He apparently loves music to the point of performing professionally as a DJ, although he lists that on his social media profiles, not much information is given about him working as a DJ.


Maurice Sam’s role as Acid is one of the most memorable works he has done and most of his fans still can’t get over his role in that TV series because he performed the role exceptionally well.
However, Maurice Sam has starred in other movies such as The Big Fat Lie, Blood Sisters, Team Six, Just Us, Breaking Point, Pretty Liar, Boss Chic, A Heart to Love, etc.

Net Worth

Maurice Sam has made a lot of fortune since the beginning of his career. He makes his money primarily from his acting career, and although he is also a social media influencer, model, and DJ; he also gets some money from being a TV host.
Although not disclosed Maurice Sam is said to have several businesses that yield him a hefty sum of money. With all these, he is estimated to be worth around $250,000.
He owns several houses in his hometown and owns a few in Lagos. As for now, we do not know how many cars he has because he keeps his expensive lifestyle very private, but we can say for certain that he owns different cars.


Maurice Sam is known for playing the bad boy, handsome guy roles in a lot of movies. Which he has used to brand himself and stand out in the competitive and ever-growing Nollywood film industry.
The fact remains that Maurice Sam is one of the most well-respected, highly talented, and versatile actors in Nollywood and any Nollywood movie lover should always give him his flowers when he is brought up in conversations.
Talking about his most notable movies, Maurice Sam has been featured in movies such as; Hustle, Blood Sisters, Lara of Lagos, Hotel Majesty, On the Real, Inspector K, Pretty Thief, Jolly Fellows, Better Tomorrow, Clinically Speaking, and many more.
We hope this article helps you to know about Maurice Sam’s biological father, Maurice Sam’s wife, Maurice Sam’s girlfriend, Maurice Sam’s Age, Maurice Sam’s birthday, Maurice Sam’s Family, etc.

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