March 1, 2024


Peller, known professionally for his funny way of life, is a Nigerian tiktoker and also known for his unique blend of Yoruba and English words and his energetic live performances on tiktok. He is a rising star in Nigeria currently, quickly gaining a following of fans worldwide. He is well known in the industries recently.

Also, one of the things that sets peller different from other TikTokers is his ability to communicate with his audience. He’s not afraid to be candid and discuss his personal issues with his fans. Peller regularly talks about his difficulties with anxiety and despair, and how he utilizes comedy to cope with these challenges. This kind of authenticity has endeared him to his admirers, who enjoy his honesty and candor.

Early Life

The talented Tiktoker who we all know by his stage name as peller real name is Habeeb Hamzat, the fast growing Tiktoker was born on the 2003, as at the time this article was published he is 21 years of age in the year 2024.


Which school did Peller Attend? Peller Who is a popular TikToker is learned regardless of how he speaks. He stated in an interview with Egungun of Lagos that he was don with his primary and secondary education but he would like to go to the university.

Social Media

Instagram Handle: @Peller08
Youtube Handle: @Peller
Tiktok Handle: @Peller_is_back


Is Peller in a relationship? No, peller is very much single. He is also private and does not like to talk about his personal life in the media.
Although Peller is not in a relationship that we know about, but a boy his age is definitely in a relationship. But on the other hand he seems to be crushing on his fellow tiktoker A.I Jarvis and also Big Lady.

Who is Jarvis? Jarvis, the rising star of TikTok, hails from Nigeria and has taken the social media platform by a shock with her exceptional creativity and unique character. Jarvis is liked by many of her viewers on tiktok. Many may ask what makes her talent extraordinary.
All she does is mimicking an AI robot and these acts made her gain views, follower and also as an addition the mimicking AI persona has a flawless body which she displays during live her sessions.The young lady who many people have being imitating but her streams is more successful than theirs, this is because of the seriousness she portrayed and avoid she devoted her time.

Net Worth

What is Peller’s net worth? The Nigerian content creator and tiktoker also known as by many of his loyal fans, As at the time this article was published his network is estimated to be about $1,000 – $5,000 which he makes from his career as a Tiktoker.
Some of Peller’s Video


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