April 14, 2024


Nia sultana is a remarkable and renowned American Hip hop artist she rose to fame as a result of her smooth vocal and her amazing styles of combining different genre of music to draft a unique sound.


Name Nia sultana
Gender Female
Marital status Single
Occupation Singer songwriter
Genre R&B hip hop
Nationality American
Net worth $1million

Early Life

Nia was born in Brooklyn, American and was probably raised by her parents.


Nia sultana has the ability sounds that are emotional and impressive to hearing, she established herself with the force she applied in R&B industry not quite long she rose to fame.

Nia is very passionate when it comes to music as she came into R&B scene with her own developed soulful vibes which is pleasant to the ear, Nia contributes to hip hop industry has bee an opened door to many upcoming artists.


Coconut water

Net Worth

After hitting the spotlight Nia sultana lifestyle totally changed and she began living a luxurious lifestyle her net worth estimated $1million.

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